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The continuing education is intended for all the staffs (permanent and non-permanent employees).

Your needs in training are listed once a year by the laboratory training correspondents : studied then arbitrated by the director of the laboratory, and integrated into the LERMA’s training plan. All the training plans of departments and laboratories are handled by CNRS, Observatoire de Paris, UPMC… training departments which prepare the training plan of their Establishment.

As credits dedicated to the continuing education are not being unlimited, a training will more easily be accepted and financed if it was anticipated and registered in the Training plan of the laboratory. Trainings proposed by an Establishment address first and foremost this Establishment staffs. However the offers remain open to all LERMA’s staff.

Your first interlocutor for training is your training correspondent :
  • Patrice Landry (PARIS) : -email :
    Tel : 01 40 51 23 79 (BAT A 6 étage)
  • Nora Roger (UPMC) -email :
    Tel : 01 44 27 44 81