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Accommodation possibilities for foreign researchers and students

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To help foreigners arriving in Paris to find place to live, agreements have been signed by research establishments with residences which offer accommodations dedicated to researchers and more rarely to students.

1/ Possibilities offered via l’Observatoire de Paris

L’Observatoire de Paris signed conventions of partnership with :

2/ Possibilities offered via the CNRS

Several possibilities :

See the CNRS web site for more information.

3/ Possibilities offered via the Université Pierre et Marie Curie

4/ Possibilities of accommodations at private individuals

The laboratory constituted a small address book of some particular owners who rent appartments and firstly call on to the Observatoire de Paris when they have availability.

For any information contact Valérie Audon (administrative person in charge)
Phone : 01 40 51 20 66
E-mail :