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CNRS Individual trainings

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Staffs interested in an individual training are invited to pre-register via the on-line form
That you can be find on the Extranet of the DR5
And more exactly in the space SRH dedicated to the units

Reminders :

1) The principles of the individual trainings

- Objective : - To allow the adequacy between the skills looked for by the laboratory and the staff professional project ; - To accompany the staff evolution of missions and jobs. - They belong to one of the 3 categories of training : - T1 : immediate adaptation to the job "ici et maintenant" ; - T2 : adaptation to the predictable evolution jobs "ici et demain" ; - T3 : development of the qualifications or the acquisition of new qualifications "ailleurs et demain". These demands will be rather registered on the lab training plan and aimed by the training correspondent.

2) Applications for training in T1

2.1) The criteria Training initiatives which facilitate the exercise of new functions after a recruitment or job transfer either a promotion or an adaptation to the evolutions of the professional environment (example : new information system, technologies evolution etc.). 2.2) File transmission The file consists of : - The application form (printed, argued and signed) ; - An estimate of the company providing the training. The staff passes on the demand by e-mail to the Délégation Régionale at the latest 30 days before the beginning of the training. The demand is studied by the Délégation Régionale and the staff informed by e-mail of the outcome given to his demand. 2.3) Financing If the demand is accepted, the financing can be total or partial.

3) Applications for training in T2 or T3

3.1) The criteria - T2 (ici et demain) : the reference frame is not anymore the work, but the job. The actions aim either at deepening the technical skills of the staff, at maintaining him at the level of requirement required in the exercise of its job, or at acquiring in advance the skills which he will need to exercise his job in good conditions with regard to the job evolutions (regulations, technologies … etc.). - T3 (ailleurs et demain) : to give the staff the ways to deepen its professional culture or its level of expertise to widen its skills, or to prepare its professional project by the training, either to acquire the necessary bases to prepare a "concours" or to reorient themselves professionally. 3.2) Examples of devices plans - A period of professionalization ; - An individual plan of training (PIF) ; - An accreditation of prior learning of the experiment (VAE) ; - The preparation of a skill assessment ; - A professional training leave ( CFP). 3.3) The implementation of one of these plans The training correspondent directs staffs to the pole support Human Resources and training for all these demands which are the object of an interview. A feasibility study is realized by a councillor during the interview. The staff explains his professional project, his motivations and the context of the demand with regard to the project of the laboratory and the councillor verifies the conditions to be filled, advises him on the adapted plan and makes recommendations. Your contact at LERMA  :
- Patrice Landry : - 01 40 51 23 79 
- Nora Roger : - 01 44 27 44 81