Laboratoire d’Études du Rayonnement et de la Matière en Astrophysique et Atmosphères

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by Murielle Chevrier - published on

LERMA (Laboratory for Studies of Radiation and Matter in Astrophysics and Atmospheres) is a research entity operated by CNRS and three higher education institutions: Observatoire de Paris (OP),Sorbonne University (SU) and Cergy Paris University (CYU). These institutions host the various LERMA research groups.

The laboratory is organized in four Research Poles:

  • "Galaxies and Cosmology": studies of the early universe, inflation, cosmic microwave background; epoch of reionization; galaxy clusters; dynamics of galaxies, dark matter; galaxy formation and evolution; black holes, AGN, star formation and feedback in local and high-redshift galaxies.
  • "Dynamics of the Interstellar Medium and Stellar Plasmas": observational characterization of the ISM cycle; star and planet formation; ISM modeling, from diffuse gas to stars and disks, chemical diagnostics of the ISM dynamics; modeling the transport mechanisms in circumstellar plasmas; laboratory plasma experiments.
  • "Molecules in the Universe": studies of gas-phase collisional and reactive processes; VUV spectroscopy and photophysics, exobiology; gas-solid interactions and heterogeneous catalysis, laboratory astrophysics.
  • "Instrumentation and Remote Sensing": development of THz heterodyne instrumentation for large instrumental projects, Herschel/HIFI and JUICE/SWI; research and development activities: HEB and SIS mixers, Schottky diodes for applications in tunable local oscillators; Earth and planetary remote sensing, instrument software development.

These research poles are complemented by a transverse structure, dedicated to:
Technology and Research Support

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