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Offre de thèse du CNES

Appel à candidatures thèses/post-doctorats CNES
Avec les thèses et les post-doctorats du CNES : inventons l’espace du futur ! Chaque année, le CNES accorde une centaine d’allocations de recherche (...)

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Open PHD position in Astrophysics

(October 2017)
Subject : Sulphur-bearing molecules in star forming regions : Observational and laboratory investigations.
Supervisors : L.E. Kristensen (Niels Bohr Institute & Natural (...)

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Séminaires à venir

Vendredi 23 octobre 2020, 14h00
téléconférence Zoom,
The role of molecular filaments in the origin of the IMF
Philippe ANDRÉ
CEA, Laboratoire d’Astrophysique AIM Paris-Saclay
résumé :
The origin of the stellar initial mass function (IMF) is one of the most debated
issues in astrophysics. I will discuss new insights into this problem based on a systematic census of prestellar cores and molecular filaments in nearby clouds taken as part of the Herschel Gould Belt survey, as well as higher-resolution observations with APEX/ArTéMiS and ALMA. Our results point to the key role of the quasi-universal filamentary structure pervading molecular clouds. They suggest that the dense cores making up the peak of the prestellar core mass function (CMF) - and indirectly the peak of the IMF - result from gravitational fragmentation of molecular filaments near the critical mass per unit length. The Salpeter power-law tail of the CMF/IMF may be at least partly inherited from the filament line mass function (FLMF), which is observed to follow a Salpeter-like power law in the regime of thermally supercritical filaments.

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