Publié le 25 August 2015 par Nicolas Moreau, Philippe Salomé.

The ALMA Regional Centre (ARC) is responsible for all aspects of the scientific operation of ALMA in Europe. ESO bears the main responsibility (management of observation programmes, data archiving, etc.) but is supported by a network of seven European institutes, known as "nodes". IRAM is part of this network.

Its main tasks include :

  • helping users to validate the scheduling blocks of accepted projects
  • supporting users in data reduction, particularly during visits to IRAM
  • developing data reduction software and scripts.
  • development of experiments and pilot tools for remote access and visualisation of archives and data mining in radio astronomy
  • distribution and maintenance of software packages resulting from SNO activities

The ARC node at IRAM is aimed at the French, German and Spanish communities (IRAM’s three partner countries). It provides support for instruments at IRAM’s two observatories: the Plateau de Bure interferometer and the 30-metre telescope at Pico Veleta. In particular the development and commissioning of NOEMA but also the development and commissioning of new instruments, like the NIKA2 continuum camera.

LERMA is developing tools for remote access and visualisation as well as data mining of radio astronomy archives. ARTEMIX - ALMA RemoTE data MIning eXperiment is a web service that enables rapid remote exploration of the contents of the ALMA scientific archive while YaFITS - Yet Another FITS viewer (2019ASPC..521..421S and 2020ASPC..527..113S) enables a collection of FITS files to be browsed remotely in a web browser in order to view and study their contents. Inspired by tools such as ds9 or go view (part of the GILDAS software), it adds a distributed dimension. YAFITS is used in ARTEMIX, ALMA’s data extraction experiment. YaFITS is also installed at IRAM to visualise archive data from NOEMA’s Large Programs.