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LOFAR, NenuFAR, and SKA-France management

by Mickaël Coriat - published on , updated on

This service task of SNO SKATE brings together the management activities of the FR606 station of LOFAR and NenuFAR, as well as the governance of SKA-France.


  • Manage the relations with the ILT
  • Ensure the link between FR606 and the ILT consortium ("standalone" mode) as well as with the other international stations of the network
  • Manage FR606’s planning in standalone mode in the medium term
  • Monitor and manage the evolution of local instruments on FR606

For NenuFAR:

  • Manage calls for proposals for observation,
  • Ensure the link between NenuFAR and the ILT consortium for the observations in "LOFAR superstation" mode
  • Manage the scheduling of NenuFAR
  • Monitor and manage the instrumentation.

For SKA-France:

  • Management of the SKA-France national coordination (responsibilities in the "SKA-France Office")
  • Management of the structures in charge of the implementation of the SKA project in France
  • Animation (chair/co-chair) of one of the SKA Science Working Groups