Laboratory Astrophysics and Atmospheric Data

Publié le 6 October 2014 par Dubernet.


M.L. Dubernet (Astronomer, Obs. de Paris), C. M. Zwölf* (Engineer, Obs. de Paris), N. Moreau* (Engineer, Obs. de Paris), Y.A. Ba* (Engineer, Paris), participation of C. Boursier (MCF SU),
* on data and open science

Expertise and/or activities on data and open science

  • interoperable access to many atomic and molecular databases through the "VAMDC Consortium" with maintenance of key components of the VAMDC infrastructure. The VAMDC e-infrastructure inter-connects about 41 atomic and molecular databases and is accessible from the portal. Application to astrophysics, astrochemistry, planetology, earth atmosphere, plasmas
  • collisional data collected in the BASECOL database- application interstellar medium, cometary atmospheres and molecular physics
  • leadership and participation to Laboratory Astrophysics Data Working Groupat the International Astronomical Union
  • participation to activities of the Research Data Alliance
  • participation to activities on french open science


  • calculations of rate coefficients for the collisional excitation of molecules by atoms and molecules : quantum and semi-classical methods. Application to the interstellar medium and to cometary atmospheres
  • calculations of line broadening and shifting parameters of molecular lines : quantum and semi-classical methods. Application to planetary and earth atmospheres
  • determination of potential energy surfaces by ab initio quantum methods

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