Main partners and collaborations

LERMA develope numerous collaborations both national and international

  • Major agencies and institutions in charge of space missions and major ground-based facilities having collaborations with LERMA : IRAM, ESO, CEA, CNES, ESA, NASA
  • Main collaborating laboratories and institutes : most of Ile-de-France laboratories, in particular members of the 7 “Laboratoires d’Excellence” (LabEx), in which LERMA participates :
     Plas@Par : Plasma Physics in Paris (UPMC)
     ESEP : Exploration Spatiale des Environnements Planétaires (Paris Observatory)
     First-TF : Recherche, Innovation, Formation, Services et Transfert en Temps-Fréquence (CNRS)
     ICFP : International Center of Fundamental Physics (ENS)
     ILP : Institut Lagrange de Paris (UPMC)
     L-IPSL : Labex Institut Pierre Simon Laplace (IPSL)
     MIChem : Multiscale Interactions in Chemistry (UPMC)