Organization of the laboratory

Publié le 21 décembre 2020 par Elise Blanchard.

LERMA’s Organizational Entities :

  • The management team : composed of the Unit Director, the 2 Assistant Directors, the Technical Director and the Administrator.

    Unit Director : Benoit SEMELIN

    Assistant Director : Martina WIEDNER

    Assistant Director : Ludovic PETITDEMANGE

    Technical Director : Jean-Michel KRIEG

    Administrator : Murielle CHEVRIER

    The management team can be reached at :

  • The Laboratory Council : is the statutory body of a Research Unit. It is chaired by the Unit Director and is composed of ex-officio, elected and appointed members. It deals with all aspects of the life of the laboratory.

    The Laboratory Council meets several times a year. Following each meeting, a report with the main points of discussion is drawn up. After validation by the members of the Council, these minutes are circulated to the whole laboratory.

  • The Scientific Council : its mission is to advise the Unit Director in the scientific choices relating to the prospective, creation, life and suppression of research themes and projects as well as the follow-up of the operations selected (financing, technical support, progress). The work of the SC must guide the management in its decision-making and scientific choices.

  • The administrative team : consists of 6 agents. It works closely with the administrative services of the CNRS (Ile de France-Meudon delegation (DR5) and INSU), the Paris Observatory (OP), Sorbonne University (SU) and Cergy Paris University (CYU).

    LERMA’s administrative team supports research activities by ensuring the administrative management of permanent and temporary staff, the financial management of all allocated funds and the monitoring of research contracts.

    Organization charts :

    Technical organization chart

    Administrative organization chart

    Computer organization chart