Experiments for Gas-Surface Interactions Studies

The Laboratory Astrophysics platforms for Gas and Surface Interactions have been optimised and developed around several ultra-high vacuum set-ups and low tempetaure gas cells in order to investigate processes involving the interaction of particles (atoms, molecules, or photons) with cold surfaces (silicates, quartz, graphite, metals, amorphous/ cristalline water ice).

Spin, Photons and Ices
Team members : X. Michaut, J.-H. Fillion, M. Bertin, G. Féraud L. Philippe, P. Jeseck, R. Basalgète, J. Michoud, A. Ocaña-Fernandez

Reactivity on Cold Surfaces
Team members : F. Dulieu, S. Baouche, H. Chaabouni, E. Congiu, A. Moudens, H. Lemaître, V. Cobut, S. Diana, F. Lachèvre, T. Nguyen