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Vendredi 3 juillet 2020, 14h00
Metallicity gradients of star-forming regions since cosmic noon
Patricia B. TISSERA
Universidad Andrés Bello, Santiago
résumé :
The evolution of chemical abundances in galaxies provides crucial information to study how galaxies formed and evolved. Results in the Local Universe show that on average, disc galaxies have negative metallicity gradients. As a function of redshift, the trend is not clear enough yet, although there is a significant fraction of positive ('inverted') metallicity gradients.

Using hydrodynamical cosmological simulations, we studied the metallicity gradients at z=0 and the processes that might affect them and the azimuthal metallicity distribution such as mergers, SN and AGN feedback and gas inflows.

In this talk I am going to summarize the latest results on the evolution of the metallicity gradients as a function of stellar mass, galaxy size and star formation efficiency from z~0 to z~2.5.
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